In 1988, when I was 17, I discovered a passion that would become my professional focus in life – the camera.

I enrolled in the Camera Obscura School of Art in Tel Aviv, spending hours in the Photography Department's dark-rooms, and avidly reading all the professional literature the school's library had to offer. 

It was during my years in school that I realized that I wanted to become a photojournalist, and for the past 20 years I have been documenting Israeli reality, witnessing nearly every major Israeli news event since the early 1990s.

I first entered the world of photojournalism in 1992, working as a photographer for the Schocken Group's chain of local newspapers, which is the biggest weeklies chain in Israel. In 1993 I joined the Israel Sun Photo Agency, working for leading Israeli newspapers such as the Jerusalem Post, Davar and Haaretz Daily Newspaper, as well as for a wide variety of government bureaus and clients in the business sector.

In 1997 I joined Haaretz, where I served as a staff photographer and further honed my expertise in political and magazine-style photography. In the early 2000s, I began working for The Marker, the Schocken Group's prominent financial daily, eventually becoming the lead photographer for its automotive review section. Soon after that I was named Haaretz' chief photo editor, a position I held for a year before returning to photography full-time. During my years at Haaretz, I had a part of shaping the newspaper's unique approach to images in general and particularly to photojournalism.

Since 2001 I have been documenting the Israeli cycling scene, and my work is regularly featured in the country's two main cycling publications, Ofanaim Magazine and MBA Israel. 

My work has often been used by international news agencies and wire services, including Reuters, the Associated Press, and Agence France Presse. Over the years, my photographs have also been featured in several ensemble photojournalism exhibitions, including the acclaimed "Local Testimony" regional photojournalism exhibit, and "Rabin: The Missing Photo," dedicated to the life of slain Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. The latter, curated by the Museum of Israeli Art, was showcased in major European cities.

Always searching for the next professional challenge, I have now embarked on a new path as a freelance photographer, using my extensive experience in the fields of magazine, sports, automotive and PR photography to provide my clients with the best possible focus of their events.

You are welcome to visit the website's photo gallery for a glimpse of my work.

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